Sight And Sound Company (SASCO) is a multi-faceted communications and entertainment enterprise. Since 1982 SASCO has grown and evolved into a multi-functional company that has provided diverse services to Fortune 500 companies, cities, non-profit organizations, professional sports teams and major record labels.

SASCO specializes in communications, public relations, legislative analysis/advocacy and event management services. Sight And Sound Company has developed an unparalleled track record for providing “value added entertainment” for sporting events.  Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of fan participation promotions and contests that SASCO has produced for professional sports organizations.



Sight And Sound Company has significant diverse experience in providing communications services. We have produced print and broadcast advertising, public service announcements, cable television programming, documentaries, marketing and training videos. SASCO has developed and coordinated sponsor promotions and sampling/ demonstration opportunities for desired target populations. ( See Photo Gallery and video )



Sight And Sound Company has produced live music events and fan participation promotions for municipalities, Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams. Sight And Sound Company produced the Kool City Jam, Miller Sound Express, Juneteenth Festival and the BET – Unity in the Community free concerts for the sponsors and the City of Oakland. SASCO produced the first concert and concert series at the Woodminster Amphitheater. SASCO transformed this facility from an unknown venue into a preferred destination for live concerts. Additionally, Sight And Sound Company created and produced the Rodney Strong Vineyards Jazz Festival and the Reggae Festival. SASCO has been at the forefront of creating unique and exciting fan participation events as well as providing “Value Added” entertainment for sporting events. Sight And Sound Company created and coordinated the Mayor’s Cup Youth World Series in Gary, IN for Mayor Rudy Clay and the city of Gary. ( See Photo Gallery and video )



SASCO has served as a consultant to Martin Luther King III and his organization “Realizing the Dream”. We worked with Realizing the Dream (RTD) on the development and implementation of the Summit on Poverty in America. Additionally, SASCO coordinated the study of poverty in America in Oakland and Richmond; CA. Sight And Sound Company has been instrumental in working with RTD on the development of anti-poverty legislation. SASCO has produced broadcast advertising and public service announcements for political candidates and social issues. SASCO has also served as a consultant to the Treasurer/Tax Collector of Alameda County, CA and the Mayor Rudy Clay of Gary, IN.  See Photo Gallery and video )



Sight and Sound Company has a long distinguished history working with Mrs. Coretta Scott King and the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta, GA. In addition to representing the King Center as a coordinator for the combined federal campaign Sight And Sound Company has also produced a powerful one on one interview with Mrs. King and SASCO president Rusty Jackson. Sight And Sound Company produced an economic development marketing campaign for the City of Gary, IN. and a marketing campaign for the City of Oakland. ( See Photo Gallery and video )